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The Skin I’m In

In “The Skin I’m In”, I wanted to give a voice to the students who identify as being African, African American and from the African Diaspora at the Rhode Island School of Design.

Our race plays a role in the perception of our work whether we want it to or not. Incorporating our dual identities as black students and artists in describing our experience of underrepresentation and micro aggressions that occur not only in the classroom but on campus. Additionally, challenging the stereotype of males being viewed as, criminals and thugs, similarly how women are over sexualized in the media. This plays into effect in racially profiling by the police and everyday society. This group of students and myself are screaming loudly, the question is can you hear us?IN_theskini'min_12GS_theskini'min_13LB_theskini'min_10KB_theskini'min_09RH_theskini'min14