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The Sound of Architecture


„The Sound of Architecture” is a real piano, all covered in thousands of layers of glass. I built a city around the piano, cutting each layer by hand, then gluing them all together with a special UV glue.


The idea was to build something transparent, airy and rooted in the same time. In such a way, that it tells the story about how light things can get, when they’re approached differently.


For this case, it was the architecture, „The Sound of Architecture” means that architecture is like music, each building is like a tone of sound, it holds a strong contribution in the song, whether we look at the way it’s being built with all the drawings, models, plans, maps, rules, timetables.. People – Archintects, investors, builders, their teamwork, efforts and determination to finish.


Or, if we look at the function it fulfills, as the people go in an out, up and down, what sounds they make or situations they experience. The lights in the windows, reflections of the sun in the daytime or the electric light in the night. This would be one small part of what’s obvious in one building.


A city consists of many buildings and the growth of it could be led by one big spirit that plays the notes on the piano of improvement. And each note in our life could ding for more years or decades, just because the spirit is composing in the different time-space. And the determined people can hear the melody.


Now is the time when I need to find a new home for my glass piano. That’s why I’m planing to sell or exhibit it somewhere else. The piano is in good condition and I’m planing to refurbish it before giving it to the possible new owner. I have placed it on Ebay, for auction and I’m open to other suggestions, contact me and let me know what you think!




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Video of the piano.

Video – making of the piano

Video – the actual sound of the piano


Thanks for your time!

Kārlis Bogustovs