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The Universe宇宙

I’m an 67 years old artist based in Hong Kong, over 40 years I dedicated my life to Photography, especially using only cameras and lens filters only.

I would be grateful if I have a chance to share my works with art-lovers around the world. This is one of my early creations.

This set of photography was created 30 years ago in 1983 – 1984, at the time when color film is popular. These are pure photography, using 135 color films, multiple exposures, no dark room, no post-production involved.

Like everyone around the world in the era of space, I was fascinated by the fast-developing Astronomy

and scientific ways to observe and explore the unknown universe. With news on human exploration of the universe and our knowledge about the universe grown enormously, I created this set of photography representing my fascination and imagination of the mysterious space, how serene and powerful!

(Universe in Chinese are represented by two characters: “宇宙”. “宇” meaning Space: Sky, earth, all directions; “宙”means Time: now and them. It’s all abo

ut Space and Time.)

Universe 01 Universe 02

Universe 03

Universe 04

Universe 06

Universe 05

Universe 08