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The Wall of Lines by Radek Moravec

The Wall of Lines by Radek Moravec

Instagram has become of the most popular social
networks. The stream of pictures has grown into a
great platform for urban artists to show their work.
Dynamic, different and original. This is an inspiring
profile @line_in_line, founded by a talented Czech fine
artist Radek Moravec.

“As I say, I am a complicated artist who can’t focus on
one field; I am fascinated by the whole spectrum of
fine arts, such as a graphic design, video creations,
paintings and sculptures in the form of reliefs on
canvas. But my work is primarily photography-based.”
His illusions, achieved by skilful combination of
colourful lines and black white pictures, simply leave
us breathless.

Streets, people and daily life. Radek sees the themes
all around. In his eyes everything can be art.”I don’t
like to tell a lot about my work. I want the people to
think about the main purpose why I made it in this
way and what I intend to do. I would like the others to
become part of my work.”

Follow a perfect combination of creativity, reality and




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