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The Weird World


This serie of surreal digital art is a link between a dreamy weird world and hermetism symbols of esoteric fantasy.

I creates poetic digital art inspired by dreams and popsurrealism painters. The atmosphere is mystical and esoteric, with a lot of freemason symbols. This symbols are used to give magic key to this world.
My work consists of a mix of photography and graphic elements, mainly typography, engraving or scanned material most usually.
This kind of assemblage is more and more often called Photographism.
The mix of elements, specific to this digital collage technique, can also be seen in the subjects I choose. I like using the digital contents this way, for it gives me a lot of freedom when creating, it is symbolically rich, and lets me express my aesthetic vision of the picture.
This is why in my compositions reality is unusual and the space and time dimensions are reinterpreted.ww01 ww03 ww04 ww06 ww07 ww10 ww09 ww11 ww12 ww05 ww016 ww013