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These Streets

My work has always explored personal themes, this year being mainly focused on feelings of homesickness and recognition. Often my work process begins with a day out sketching and taking photographs of whatever catches my eye. The inspiration then comes from when I reflect on them later on – why was I more drawn to certain things? Is it because of feelings or thoughts I was having at the time? I believe every photograph is taken for a reason, even if that reason is not recognised immediately. After moving to London, I found myself capturing places that seemed to resemble areas of my home town, which at the time I was missing dearly. In this series of work, I have tried to make these places seem familiar to anyone that views them, but with still a layered barrier in some form on each image to represent my feelings of isolation at the time. Looking closely, you may be able to spot some very subtle self portraits in some of the images.1913501_371387733043360_4043173698802821781_o 10926816_371387799710020_9118178506408289221_o 11035736_459357134246419_7714751100694300939_o 11258380_459358244246308_4082319786067190836_o 11781677_459358517579614_1739619697388760453_n 11794508_459421280906671_7660882983134976771_o 11823115_459422620906537_6730696511978776087_o 11825918_459420930906706_4445842734394742803_n 11834672_459358287579637_2429683378454419300_o 11845110_459358484246284_692976595379043050_o 11856288_459358044246328_2442874646029559220_o

Katherine Elizabeth Lee