Thierry Bascoul Painter

I am a self-taught artist living in La Cañada del Real Tesoro (Estación de Cortes de la Frontera) in Spain.

I am French but have lived and worked in many different countries and I am often inspired by my experiences while travelling.

I began painting in 2005 and I would like to present to you some of the work that I have produced in the last 10 years.

At the moment, I am exploring three different avenues in with my work.

 The first is figurative painting with an emphasis on subjects such as musicians,portraits,the landscape, gentleness, silence and wide open spaces.

 The second  is a more critical look at the world we live in with violence,pollution, consumerism and selfishness.

 The third  is more abstract based on my mental universe and describing various emotions: Love, Joy, happiness, frustration and depression