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Things That We Known



This subject is a huge interest to me, not only because of the pain that woman suffers in my society but my own personal life too.

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Things That We Known

Things That We Known

Panties Woman II

Thing That We Known

Thing That We Known /

Society pressures, family pressures, traditional pressures, political pressures, a list that keeps going… If we didnt have so many pressures and boundaries, how would the life we lead now change? Although we tend ti rebel against these rules, consciously or subconsciously,we find ourselves playing a part in it. When one can no longer suppress these rules, pressures and boundaries that they grow up with, they can build a melancholy and conflicting thought pattern in certain situations. Once we are strong enough to face and breakaway from these boundaries we are able to life our live in freedom and as healthy member of the society.
The thousands of needles presents the thousands marks that these pressures leaves behind. Sometimes these rules, pressures and boundaries are felt as a thousand needles being poked on our body.