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Think & Feel

I create my works, I try to capture my ideas, dreams , wishes or my point of view on certain issues that cause me any interest.

By this means I have found the most effective way to express myself, I think in modern era art has lost the connection between the piece of art and the viewer in terms of emotions. With my art I want people to feel that kind of connection and identifies with personals and universals themes like loneliness, sadness, heartbreak, etc. All my art is a search too for answers to the usual question of life: who am I? what am I doing here? why’s the world like that? etc.
As for my “style” because from my point of view is varied, many have told me it’s surreal, actually I care labels very little, in any case I create my own “reality” where identifiable elements converge inside of an imaginary context. The inspiration comes from experience of life. I try to see beauty in so many ways not only from the superficial aspect. I believe beauty is a state of mind ugly can be beautiful and vice versa I try to mix those concepts which is a reflex of our own human condition we can be beautiful and ugly at the same time from that perspective I see every situation as a possible ignition to create art