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They are my thoughts in form. Read me through my art works !!

Member : ‘SCALA’ International Artists Association, Larnaka, Cyprus.

Likes to work in metals, wood and different durable materials.

Ph.D. in educational communication.

Title of the thesis: ‘The significance of sculptures in public places as a medium of communications.’ Yashwantrao Chavan Open University, Nashik, India.

Sculptures and Murals / paintings,electronics paintings based on Philosophy and Vadic philosophy along with abstracts.Mobile sculptures along with water and music etc.

Recognition’s(for the achievement of creating the ‘Powerful’, a 55’ tall and 27 tonnes in scrap metal) by Limca Book of Records since 1992.

Recognition by Guinness Book of Records, since 1992. ( On page no.181 in the section of ‘sculpture’ edition 1992. And details with photograph on page no. 157 in 1994 English edition.


I believe, that every art form, (be it a painting, or a sculpture), is a physical reconstruction of an idea. To me an artwork is a consequential outcome of the analysis of the respective subject.

Working in, acrylic or oil on canvas (sometimes oil with acrylic) helps to direct and transform my spontaneous ideas with its original form, into, an artwork. I understand, that my works are analytical abstractions, of the formless realities.

“ The mind is like the Universe, having no limits, so is the canvas.”

The thought process is the cause of evolution to my working methodology. “Every emotion/subject is free, from any Geometrical barrier. Thus, the execution, of the ORIGINAL FORM of the subject, has always been my interest and intention.

My interpretations hold a palette of not more than three to four shades in order to be, in context with the subject and its strong symbolism. In my working style, one can observe the correlation of dots and lines, being the major elements on my canvas. The density in the paintings would tell you about the busy times in life and the blank spots tell you about the purity of soul.

I believe, that improvisation, leads us to minimalism, where ‘less becomes more.’ Thus one can find a ‘minimalist’ approach in expression of the subject in my works.

My works are purely a self-expression of bohemian ideas, with their austere execution and being an honest interpretation of my world.

Painting gives me the most satisfying pleasure. When all the forces come together: the brush strokes, the right colors, the mood I created through starting the painting, my style which comes through, and I try not to loose that stream of consciousness when I paint. It is trance-like and it is the only way I know how to meditate. My art is an acknowledgement of life, a confession of my feelings, and a celebration of the painting process. http://www.angelfire.com/planet/sudhirdeshpande1/ , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H68kcoXVNzk ,