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Through the Inner Core

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Hi, Im Laurence Aquino 25 years in existence from Laoag City, Philippines. I always wanted to become a Fashion designer because my passion is obviously the world of arts. I love to make fashion illustrations as well as photographing our mother nature. The story behind my works is that Im always fascinated by the sunset. As the sun was slowly going down the horizon, the burning light of the sun got dull and it looked like a huge fireball of red,orange and yellow hues. the ray of lights combines with the blue color of the sky and it produced a vast contrast of magnificent colors. Its like watching a moving painting. I was thinking how can i photograph that in a different way, then suddenly i was inspired with my toy(glass ball with figurine, water and glitters inside). I did some test shots using my cellphone and i was amazed about the results. Indeed it was a fun activity.