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Tiling The Plane

I am collaging historical maps fusing cartography and geometry to create new spaces and places that coax the brain to drift from the analytical to the sensory, and to delight in what is sensual, familiar, and universal.

With the use of maps abstracted into pieces, my work becomes rich with metaphor, as both universal and personal meaning about ways of perceiving the known and unknown are explored, and notions of territory are revisited.  The viewer can see the art objects as a collection of tiny map events or as an intact experience, as the work transforms what was into something new.

I stumbled across this idea as I was trying to develop ways to teach both math and art in my classroom. I was using a lesson plan created by the MET Museum of Art in New York to look at patterning and tiling of mathematics, MC Escher’s work, and perspective drawing.  In my painting practice at that time, I was very interested in colour blocks and colour pallets. Serendipitously, my friends at Contexture Design were moving shop and had to get rid of their collection of maps. When I saw these maps with their beautiful colour palettes and textures I immediately thought I needed to tile them.