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Timothy Elms sculpture – Illusive dream

Timothy Elms sculpture | Illusive dream.

Illusive dream | The 100 cm diameter “illusive dream ” sculpture represents nature, the earth, and also a calming presence. The slate used is a mixture of 30,000 rough and smooth pieces which is sourced from Wales. The mixture of slate gives its own character as each tile has its own tone in colour, which in time will weather making the sculpture even more unique. The sphere seems to be alive as it absorbs the airs moisture and changes colour, dictated by the weather and atmosphere. The sculpture has a calming presence due to it being a sphere as it can be represented as Mother Earth or a distant planet. The sphere has been installed with a slight tilt.

Sphere sculpture,Timothy Elms  sculpture | Illusive dream

Sphere sculpture

Slate sphere,Timothy Elms  sculpture | Illusive dream

Slate sphere

Slate sphere

Slate sphere

Timothy Elms  sculpture | Illusive dream

“sometimes it’s not all about the end result but the journey inbetween.”

Timothy Elms  sculpture | Illusive dream


Timothy Elms

I am based in leicestershire where i design and create sculptures for the home and garden always learning and evolving with each piece i create. I predominantly work with natural slate of which i create abstract and figurative sculptures.

I have found something that i completely love to do and more so the challenge of creating something that i haven’t done before, patience is the key and this is one of the main factors in createing my sculptures taking a lot of hours from the idea to the finished sculpture, i have also learnt sometimes its not all about the end result but the journey in between.

My sculptures are endless in design, calming in prescence and visually capture people’s imagination and would look beautiful in any home/garden.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for prices, I also  welcome commissions.

Thank you Tim.


Timothy Elms sculpture

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