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Tokyo new national stadium by zaha hadid’s design

‘it was a very serious team of people who worked on this project for two or three years, so it is an enormous investment’, explains zaha hadid. ‘I think it is a very important project as it has a life beyond the olympics.’

our stadium design has been two years in the making, and it is ready to start on site this year,’ state zaha hadid architects. ‘it can be ready for the rugby world cup of 2019, and the test events before the summer olympics of tokyo 2020.


‘to start the design from scratch is an unnecessary risk, which we think the government should reconsider if its aim is to achieve a lower price than ¥250 billion. we believe the answer is to introduce more competition between the contractors, but to not lose the benefits of the design.


‘further cost savings can be considered, such as omitting air conditioning for the seating or omitting the skybridge.but, the stadium design is compact and efficient, it cannot be approved upon unless the fundamental criteria of seating capacity is altered or a more competitive bidding situation is created to lower the price‘, continue ZHA.

japan’s government has come under growing criticism as estimated costs rose to 252bn yen ($2bn USD, £1.3bn). as reported by the guardian, the scheme’s mounting expenses have seen the country’s prime minister speak out. we have decided to go back to the start on the tokyo olympics-paralympics stadium plan, and start over from zero,’ shinzō abe told reporters. ‘I have been listening to the voices of the people for about a month now, thinking about the possibility of a review’.


in may 2014, a group led by architects toyo ito and fumihiko maki launched a petition, calling on local and national authorities to defend and protect the city’s meiji jingu gaien stadium and its neighboring gardens. later that year, arata isozaki referred to the design as ‘a dull, slow form, like a turtle waiting for japan to sink so that it can swim away’. work will now begin to find a new solution for the olympic site.g1 g4 g5 g6 g7 g8 zaha-hadid-new-national-stadium-tokyo-2020-presentation-designboom-01-818x496 zaha-hadid-new-national-stadium-tokyo-2020-presentation-designboom-02 zaha-hadid-new-national-stadium-tokyo-2020-presentation-designboom-03 zaha-hadid-new-national-stadium-tokyo-2020-presentation-designboom-04 zaha-hadid-new-national-stadium-tokyo-2020-presentation-designboom-05 zaha-hadid-new-national-stadium-tokyo-2020-presentation-designboom-06 zaha-hadid-new-national-stadium-tokyo-2020-presentation-designboom-07 zaha-hadid-new-national-stadium-tokyo-2020-presentation-designboom-08 zaha-hadid-new-national-stadium-tokyo-2020-presentation-designboom-09 zaha-hadid-new-national-stadium-tokyo-2020-presentation-designboom-10

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