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Tony Belobrajdic – Collection of Oil Paintings

Tony Belobrajdic – Collection of Oil Paintings.

Tony Belobrajdic - Collection of Oil Paintings

In Beyond Skin, Tony’s collection of highly evocative portrayals of the human figure exudes an energy which serves to flaunt the innate relationships between people and within oneself. Through his mastery of the figurative strokes, the expressive paintings bring to attention the diverse emotions and characteristics of each individual. What is then exposed in Belobrajdic’s layered paints are the deeper conflicting emotions of sorrow and pure joy which together underlie the human experience. His use of dramatic and subtle colours, blending flesh and skin, and the intentional severing of the body further deliver a remarkable sensuousness and anonymity to his figures.

“By presenting the sitter in a group or alone, with invented or plain backgrounds, I intend to arouse and gratify the senses. Figures of the imaginary characters, often not showing heads, enable me to explore and reflect my own views on the subject. These paintings become, in a way, my self-portraits.”

https://tbelobrajdic.com More info: https://www.facebook.com/TonyBelobrajdicArtist/ https://www.instagram.com/tbelobrajdic/

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