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Torn Thread_Installation site specific


HILOPARTIDO_2 photo Manuel Gianoni

HILOPARTIDO_3photo Manuel Gianoni


4_AlejandraGonzalezSoca_HiloPartido_2014Torn Thread: Altar for a non-consecrated chapel


Installation site specific with more than forty used wedding dresses in an old chapel. Almost unknown, without being consecrated by the Catholic Church or as patrimony (until 2014), lives one of the jewels of Uruguay: the tiny chapel built by Catalan urbanist and architect, Antoni Bonet and the writer Susana Soca (1906-1959), who died in an accident at the age of 53, and never married. The chapel was abandoned for decades.

Dimensions: 4.00 m width –  4.00m depth –  5.00 height

Curator: Jorge Francisco Soto

Music: Dany López

Video & Photo: Manuel Gianoni

Dimensions: 400cm x 400cm x 500cm

Link: Video Hilo Partido / Thorn Thread

Link : Text
Uruguayan artist, educator and psychologist.She develops her work through several media, integrating different formats – installation, objects, drawing, photography and video – from site-specifc projects to intervention, in which she explores the links, roles and its displacement structures from a nonlinear historical perspective.

University professor, got her studio Casa B since 1999, where she develops her research, artistic practice and teaching.
Lives and work in Montevideo.