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TOUCH 3D wall art

Nune (Nineveh) Khachatryan
One of our Maquette Modeling projects was to make a 3D wall panel design.

The instructions were as follows: the work was supposed to be 100 cm in width and length, with no more than 5 cm protrusion and the material of the project was left to be decided by the students. I had many different ideas at first but after all my ideas were denied by my instructor I stopped at this one. Right from the beginning I wanted it to be something interactive and I also wanted it to generate a desire in the viewer to physically touch it. Which is the reason I decided the papers in the center to form a sign reading “Touch”. My panel is made from 16 pieces of B1 (100 x 70 cm) sized colorful Whatman Papers. It took me 2 months to finish the project. And although it was supposed to be hanged on a wall, after I finished it, I discovered that you can sit or lie down on it as well! See this project on Behance


close-up 1


wide view


side view


close-up 2


You can play with them!


single modul