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Toysoldiers Skull

Skull made from toysoldiers by the dutch Artist Dimitri Spijk.

Self-taught visual artist.

Born in Amsterdam in 1973.
When he was 13 he moved to Almere, where he has lived for 20 years.
Dimitri’m getting sick young, at age 16 he gets the disease Cronh. By side effects of a drug and not pay attention of a physician resulted in the failure of the kidneys. His kidneys become damaged irreparably.

Dimitri was still working full time as head of technical service in a community for the elderly.
Unfortunately, Dimitri was partially rejected at one point through which he came to sit at home a lot.

His interest in art began when Herman Brood, he saw Bread is expressed through painting and throwing paint. Dimitri also started painting to express themselves. and soon after he was seized by Pablo Picasso.

Next, a time came when he put down the brush beside him and mainly made images of old iron. This was because of his illness still physically too heavy and Dimitri grabbed the painting, drawing and collage again.
He also started making sculptures of plastic toys.
His skull of soldiers has become a world famous sculpture.

Today, the artist lives and works in Hengelo for 10 years.
Dimitri: today many paintings but also sculptures.
But just where he wants.
Dimitri is an independent artist and does not work on commission.


image imagehttps://www.facebook.com/dimitri.spijk.1/posts/10154017127959853


1998 In this year creaks Dimitri Spijk an old school building in Almere to call attention to the municipality for the lack of studio space.
Later there will be available a space by the city which was called the Ateliers Wierden.
1998 National and international prominence by placing a large sculpture on a roundabout in Almere Haven.
After several weeks, the artwork set ablaze by vandals.
1998 group exhibition Rabo tower Almere
2000 Multi-Solo 3D Group exhibition Tetem II Enschede
2000 / present art smallest gallery in the Netherlands 24 hrs p / d to visit Coffeeshop castling
2011 Solo Exhibition 3D Gallery Lans-Uylen Hengelo
2012/2013 regularly organize Jambek Festival youth center Cerberus Hengelo
2012/2015 regularly Window Exhibitions youth center Innocent Hengelo
2012 peepshows Match Man bites dog
2012 group exhibition Gallery Voorburg Den Haag
2013 Solo exhibition Peter Klashorst Gallery Amsterdam
2013/2015 regular group exhibitions Peter Klashorst Gallery Amsterdam
2014 Congressional Art group exhibition Cobra Museum in Amstelveen
2014 Kunstenaarsbal group exhibition Tropenmuseum Amstedam
2015 Kunstenaarsbal group exhibition City Theatre Amsterdam
2015 founding and organizing exhibitions Gallery Cancer Hengelo
2016 Solo Expo Site Hague Kunsthuis Hague

Since Oct. In 2015, the artist exhibits little because he needs dialysis by kidney disease three times a week in the hospital.
Dimitri love is mainly concerned with working in his studio.

Dimitri Spijk lets his art on: Facebook / Instagram / YouTube / Google.