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Where Tradition meets Modern Technology

The Visual arts has been my passion since I was around the age of three years old.

Needless to say, that I am well into my 40ties now. I received my BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). Today I am a professional practicing artist based out of Chicago, who also specializes in Social Media Marketing & Promotion for artistic services. Please visit my profile page on LinkedIn sometime.

As it relates to my artwork it has become more about my love to explore and experiment. For me, I find it a true blessing to have so many choices along the journey of creation. I mean, the idea of being able to create several different pieces of original artwork from one original painting/drawing is awesome!

Where Tradition meets Modern Technology, is how I refer to my artwork. I find that the term, Original Art-print, to describe the works I produce from the integration and incorporation of modern day artistic tools such as digital software. I actually wrote a blog about the pro’s and con’s of purchasing traditional artwork versus prints. Most people have found the lens to be brief and informative. Click this link to read the blog.

I am filled with enthusiasm every day, and look forward to making successful strides along my artistic journey.

Lastly, I am grateful for the opportunity to present my artwork to you and via Art People Gallery.

City lights. Original art prints.

City Lights

Original Art-print.

A place of nowhere.

Joy. Original Art print.

She’s often happy within her dark surroundings.

Ambiguity. Original Art print.

She’s many things to many people.

happy birthday. Flowers.

Happy Birthday!

We always appreciate the dance, but never will we fully understand the pain.

We always appreciate the dance, but never will we fully understand the pain.

Fire. belly. Pregnant. Idea.

The” pregnant” idea.

Model. Original art print.

The Model at Work.


Thank you, for noticing my artwork and leaving you comment. When you visit my artistic  website, please use the Social Plug-ins letting me know of your like. I always appreciate when my visitors leave their mark.

Enjoy your day. And, the Arts.

Best Creative Regards.