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Traditional and Digital Caricatures by Paul Moyse


Paul Moyse 

“For me, painting is a form of meditation, a way of switching off the part of my brain normally reserved for day-to-day issues and concerns. That part is still working, but never on exterior problems that need to be solved. Problems within the painting, such as tone, structure, narrative and expression are the only ones allowed in my thoughts.

I love painting in oils. I love the slow, steady pace with which I can build the layers. I generally work in thin layers, gradually building up the colours, light and shadow. The forms of the human face are a constant fascination to me, the main goal being to capture what’s going on behind the eyes. The more accurate the anatomy and forms are captured, the more the essence behind the eyes is allowed to shine through. Our essence rests in our bones and muscles rather than our skin. The more accurate I aim to be with the anatomy, the more accurate the look in the eyes becomes.” http://www.paulmoyse.com/#!about/cazn

Dinklage by Paul Moyse

Donald Trump by Paul Moyse

Penn & Teller by Paul Moyse

Andy Barrett by Paul Moyse

Mr Bean by Paul Moyse

Laurel & Hardy by Paul Moyse

Gervais by Paul Moyse

Cumberbatch by Paul Moyse

Bruce Willis by Paul Moyse

Hitchcock by Paul Moyse