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Transmedia Story Telling

As a little girl we didn’t have TV and so when we visited kids with one I was totally intrigued!

Now with new media capability at my finger tips – I can’t help myself and have to take my art into this world of colour and movement an immersive environment.

Wanting to share this process – for some purpose – I floated the concepts of an immersive ‘Transmedia Story’ to bring the ‘Beach to the Hospital’ – to allow the long term Patients to hear the waves – the call of the sea gulls to help and enable their well being and recovery!

The Beach to The HospitalWe filmed

Paper – Paint – Water – Ink

We painted

Stumers _Up The CreekWe floated our boats

We Floated Our Boats

we took an alcove that previously had only been used for a computer station and loaded light – sound – music and colour –

We Floated Our BoatsPlay for yourself

we collaborated with musicians – Elena Kats-Chernin and her ‘Dance of the Paper Umbrellas’ took us to another place – gorgeous music to calm and heal!

Umbrellas in waiting

More Umbrellas

This was the Studio Process!!

space to think and workadding colour and space

Paper ReadyMore Paints 2colour

to paper

More colour Study1_17 Study1_24 Study4_FullCrop_FinalInk Study4_Sheet2_Final6_Largethumb

giving options of work to select

Study3_3Study3_greens_4 Study3_final2_Contrast

a final stage


Fills the Ward with life!!

The Installation

Light and floating boats

Our brushes have worked

Checking the timer the other day on site – I spoke with an old gentleman – quietly drinking his coffee and he informs me ‘….. that he had been to the beach 5 times already that morning ….’ and it was only just on 10am, so I felt we had achieved our goals!!

We are now working on the next round of film – to add variety!!