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Tratti Impercettibili by Giuseppina Irene Groccia – GiGro

Tratti Impercettibili by Giuseppina Irene Groccia – GiGro

Tratti Impercettibili..

Tratti Impercettibili 4

Tratti Impercettibili 2

Tratti impercettibili 3

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When pictorial heart fully meets digital art , you can not help but think of the extraordinary works of Giuseppina Irene Groccia (GiGro).

Her poetic creativity, always original, carries us with strength and dynamism, in a wonderful world of symbolic scenarios and suspended timeless atmospheres.

The human face becomes “landscape of memory” catching, with infinite emotional nuances , the eye of the viewer in continuous references of beauty and seduction.

In the contemporary art scene surely these works are of the highest order and of definite interest.

Giuseppina Irene Groccia GiGro’s digital art is remarkable for her depth of artistic and expressive language.

When digital meets with good intuition, artistic semantics is freed from all conventionality, from all canonic proportion and style category.

Each image is composed of overlappings and research of the female figure

A frame of a story, a snapshot of an image illuminated with imagination, memory and thought.

The Italian artist’s personal research is a conceptual communication that hides a story to be read from different angles.

The end result is an image providing an immediate visual sensation such as a painting.

(Prof.Danilo Giusino-Art Critic)