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Triana Pura

Small Aborigene mandala

Brown mandalaMandalaOrange mandala stoneGold Mandala stoneHi my name is Gema.
Here is the story of how i started my painting project & found then allowed art back into my life.
Everything start one year ago. My profession was a photographer but with a slight difference. To take pictures I had to jump out of an aeroplane, and follow people doing their parachute jumps and take photos and videos to capture their unique and amazing experience. I had done around 1500 jumps. This day i suited up and then jumped as usual but i landed badly and i broke my back.
This moment changed my life in so many different ways.
Up until this point i was a very active person, really physical, positive and strong. I had to be to do my job and live the life i had chosen! The accident put me in bed for more than 3 months and i am still feeling the after effects today in many different ways. I have been so dependent on others, not able to move freely and with lots of pain. I also experienced a few other hard life knocks and changes during the last year or so. I fell into a deep depression as it was so difficult for me to find or to see the light and all the beautiful things that the universe provide us, it seemed just impossible to snap out of it. The level of my anxiety didn’t allow me to focus nor find a way or a relax and find a comfortable place inside of me. I guess because i was not able to use my body and i couldn’t direct my life in the only way that i know, through the physical body and dynamic energy i used to have all the time.
Then one day while it felt like a new door opened to me providing the universe a way to allow the creative and artistic side of myself to come back out and say hello. This new inspiration suggested to me to start painting these rocks and as i created each one it became like a therapy which is now my passion. It became clear it was the only thing I found I could focus on that make me able to disconnect my crazy, busy and chaotic mind & thoughts and so by my painting these images and patterns on the rocks, I found i could start to meditate again, i could truly disconnect myself from my depression and then re-connect with the positive side of me.
This whole process brings light to me in so many ways and from the moment i am looking for the rocks and then the moment that i sit in front of them and the colours and different pattens come through in meditation from the most peaceful place inside me I become one again. I hope every one can feel this energy and magic, and appreciated that all of you who own one will have a part of me with you always. All the rocks are taken with full permission from the indigenous locals from different magic spots around Byron Bay area. Because of the magical energy and the intensity of this beautiful place in the Byron Shire, i can feel this amazing connection with every little rock, i can feel how we became one when i work on that and how it is helping me with my healing with this wonderful blessed new life that i have in front of me.
So never lose your centre, never give up on your hopes and dreams as you never know what amazing wonders are just around the corner waiting for you.
Blessings and love to you X