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Tribal Rhythm

If I am asked what is the thing that I wake up loving to do no matter what,whether i am paid or not, is ART. For me Art is not just a word, its a totally different world of itself. For me dancing is an art, eating is an art, writing is an art, I see art in every aspect of life. I believe I have a lot things to learn because each a every day I get inspired by the artworks shared by this page called “Art People Gallery” in Facebook, and its amazing to see how people around the world use there imagination to create art. I decided to share some of my very first hand painted masks with this gallery. I named it Tribal Rhythm because I could relate the amazing vibrant tribal traditions with my masks. How each tribe is unique yet amazing in its own way was my another inspiration.Every creation, every invention, every new thing in the world, people thought were crazy at first. This is why I had used the same expression in some of the masks yet with different color contrast to resemble uniqueness. In summary, Tribal people are those people who inspire possibility to some extent and this is why I choose them for my work. I do not own any page but I do have a online shop in Facebook.This is my very first art submission ever and I am very excited. Though my phone camera did not do justice to me painting these are my abstract artwork below.Thank you.

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