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Turning Imagination Into Attraction – Light Installations by Bogi Fabian

“Light is the foundation of my work. I travel the world to paint walls, floors and manage to enlighten my art with and without a constant source of energy. I design extraordinary light installations and characterize during brainstorm sessions with my clients to achieve a never seen before’ visual experience.”

By having a lot more things to experience that meets our mortal eyes, we might just have a better understanding of how the world really presents itself and that there are a lot more happening even on the surface than we imagined before.

Amethyst World Exhibition Room Austria Amsterdam, Groot Laboratorium – Clink

Netherland / Groot Laboratorium – Clink Hungary, Chambok House Germany, Private Home Portrait of Marie Curie – physicist, chemist


Austria -Vienna / Private Movie Theatre Norway, Svalbard / Public Library- Longyearbyen Norway, Svalbard / Public Library- Longyearbyen Norway, Svalbard / Public Library- Longyearbyen

I am hoping that this experience will take us back to a more harmonic unison with nature and each other by revealing, presenting and sharing that extra dimension that further connects us..



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