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U.K.-based ceramic artist Anna Whitehouse

U.K.-based ceramic artist Anna Whitehouse.

Ultimately I aim to create beautiful and intriguing objects that celebrate stolen moments of observation and inquisitiveness.
U.K.-based ceramic artist Anna Whitehouse

U.K.-based ceramic artist Anna Whitehouse .

I have always had a creative and inquisitive nature which was (and still is!) encouraged by my parents and grandparents. I grew up with a Dad that built almost everything we needed and I watched with intrigue as our slightly eccentric house and garden took form around us via his imagination and hands. I learnt to draw and paint with my Grandma, turn wood on the lathe with my Dad, took an interest in photography and graphic design at school but never dreamt I would end up working with clay. 

At school I hated the stuff. As far as I was concerned you couldn’t make anything good out of clay, it always dried too quickly, or cracked. It was not until starting a BA Hons in 3D Design at Manchester School of Art that I was taught how to handle and work the clay, and realised the endless possibilities that lay within the material. My tutor there, Alex McErlain was a fantastic mentor. His enthusiasm and passion for the subject was contagious and I often did 12 hour days in the workshops, experimenting with form, techniques and glazes. 

After finishing the course, specialising in ceramics, I took an optional 4th year in Creative Business Development. This was an invaluable experience as it was no longer just about making the work, but also all the other parts like pricing, marketing, tax returns and the viability of my practice as a career. It was a tough year but after graduating I felt prepared and confident in establishing my business. 

I moved back to Harrogate in July 2010 and have spent the last year renovating a derelict house and establishing a studio space for myself.

You can see further iterations of her bottles and clay creations on her Instagram.