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Ujvala Nilamani Art

Ujvala Nilamani Art.

The Dance

Rich and eye-catching masterpieces painted by an outstanding artist Oleg Gubskyy, You can easily framework as visual encyclopedia of New Spiritual Romantics. This is marvelous Kingdom, where Love Beauty and absolute Freedom are presiding Deities and worshiped Objects.The artist was born in the Western part of Ukraine Podillja, which is famous for preserving its ancient history and traditions. After graduation from Fine Arts College he became a student of Lviv Academy of Polygraphs named after Fedorov, specialized as artist-editor. At that very time he was seriously scrutinizing all religious scriptures and his ever-growing thirst for spirituality brought him to India. The most precious gift of Life was his meeting with the enlightened Spiritual Master, who gave him the name Ujvala Nilamany (Super Illuminating Sapphire) and that was like a second birth for him. Since that time Nilamany dedicated his life to selfless search for Peace, Spiritual Beauty and Harmony. For the last twenty years he has been residing in the most Holy Shrines of India absorbing their deep wisdom and finding the parallels with his native ancient tradition of Aryans and Slavs. Thus his paintings are becoming true encyclopedia of human culture and spirituality. The profound knowledge of Vedic heritage which includes Aurvedic color-therapy, Vastu-Shastra (Indian Fen-Shui), astrology and since of precious gems give his works a special charm and healing influence on human consciousness, health and well-being. In such spirit more then twenty works of large size were born and few thousand graphics with its irresistible style and pshycodelic expression. His masterpieces adorn famous temples and private collections all-over the world. The outstanding master illustrated a huge number of sacred texts. Always open and full of love to all living beings he is ready at any time to share his deep realizations with others.

Ujvala Nilamani Art


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