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ULTRADISTANCIA by Federico Winer


Federico Winer (b.1973, Buenos Aires, Argentina) is a multitalented artists, photographer and producer. An inveterate traveler, professor of Political Philosophy at the University of Buenos Aires, with backgrounds coming from Political Science, Philosophy, Architecture and the arts. Founding member of the Experimental Group of Experimental Thought Soy Cuyano, with several academic and art performances in Argentina and Europe.

ULTRADISTANCIA, the acclaimed fine art photographic work who uses Google Earths imagery to play with the way we see our planet from above, taking infinite tours over the earth to the encounter of geometries, shapes and topographies, natural and humans creations. ULTRADISTANCIA is a project about perception and a celebration of the multiple forms that photography can take, through the lens of a camera or through the screen of a computer. How we see what are we seeing will let us understand why we see the way we are seeing. .



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