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Una Vecchia Porta (An Old Door )|Paolo Bongianino Photography

Paolo Bongianino

Born in 1956, he received his first camera in the early ’60 and from then on he has never stopped looking at the world around him with curiosity and attention through his camera’s viewfinder.

A few years ago he began focusing on the details that often escape us: colors, pairings of shapes and colours, geometries.

Most, but not all, of his pictures are in color.

Black and white is still used, a memory of his beginnings as well as the fascination with the dark room of his youth.

Subjects span from landscape to details, from nature to industrial archaeology, from macro photography to architecture and work sites.

Often the subject of the image is a small detail: light, colors and shadows are the elements that stand out and sometime surprise the viewer.

The artist and photographer Paolo Bongianino (Milan, 1956)  exhibits at the 40th edition of the International Exhibition of Modern and Contemporary Art – Arte Fiera Bologna – with a solo exhibition named “The Nature” at M4A (Made Four Art) stand, as the only artist, a remarkable choice of artworks cured by Gigliola Foschi.