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UNDER BREATH | Rhezus Endrit Halili

UNDER BREATH | Rhezus Endrit Halili.

The basic idea of the project Under breath is to capture the natural beauty of a female body into water and give the feeling, the look and the atmosphere of a painting.

Through these series of photographs you ‘travel’ to a world of freedom and experience calmness of nature.

She is a woman who is reborn into water that makes her breath and free her mind and body. In her eyes you can see an emerging energy, clarity and purity.

UNDER BREATH | Rhezus Endrit Halili

Endrit Halili is a Fashion Fine Art photographer based in Athens, Greece.

Always in search for new techniques and self expression, Endrit Halili’s photographs make you feel like “diving” into a painting that sometimes remind of renaissance era -an inspiring period for the artist.

Femininity, sensuality, beauty and sometimes paradox -so airy, fragile, soft, curved and innocent and yet so strong, hard, sexy, dark and harsh- are the core of his art. But he also sometimes loves reaching his personal extremes, provoke and exceed his own and the viewers’ limits.

Never satisfied, restless and passionate, Endrit Halili keeps on imagining and creating visual aesthetic worlds that go beyond the usual.

http://www.endrithalili.com / www.instagram.com/endrithalili_ / www.facebook.com/RhezusEndritHalili

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