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Under the Northern Sky | Andi Balogh

Under the Northern Sky | Andi Balogh.

My name is Andi Balogh, I’m a Hungarian photographer based in Espoo, Finland. I moved to the land of a thousand lakes 10 years ago.
Through photography my aim is to radiate the northern ambience which I see magical. I interconnect the external nature with the inner realities involving the feminine human form. Mostly I’m the photographer and the object/subject in the photo because my goal is emphasize the calmness, deep connection with nature and the constructive force in way the northern atmosphere has affected and affects me.
I often travel to Lapland to capture the unique Finnish ambience there, also I take photos usually near my home in Espoo.
My aim is to radiate a kind of tranquillity, etheric and uplifting feeling and sharing it with others through photos. When the viewer is immersing into the image, it would as much be a healing therapy to the viewer as for me during creating. You can find ARCHÈ on Facebook and Instagram

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