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Under the skin.

The history begins to my ten years-old where is when I began to play with the art at a studio of plastic arts.

There, we worked with different materials to the creation, to draw, to paint or make puppets, and of course, sculptures of clay. At my adolescence the clay was the only kind of material that I used in my artworks. From the first one I made, upon today (and the next ones too), the human body and his expressions are the principal theme of my artworks.

I am a self-taught artist, only I learned the basis to work the clay from the different masters from the studios where I went, the other come from the observation of everything that goes through my eyes, mainly I learn from my own work.

The sculpture ideas are born from personal experiences or only are there, turning in my imagination, they are born at a tranquil moment or underground journey. Is found the tip of an idea, pull it and model it in my head to capture it on a piece of clay.

The material is red or white clay. To the color I use oxides or glaze. I use the smoke technique to obtain grey’s gamma or black.

Gold, clay and a body Gold, clay and a body Balance. Silence the truth. Untitled Silence the truth. Silence the truth. Nirvana. Field of Silence. Fire Fire Fire Self-Taught Untitled Untitled