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Underwater restaurant


I recently had the opportunity to create an advertising image for one of Sweden’s most exclusive restaurants Katrinelund Gästgiveri & Sjökrog. The name basically means “Lake restaurant” in Swedish, which is important to know for this image.

The mission: convey that “You can’t get any closer to nature and fine dining, than Sjökrogen.”. Four models and props were shot separately. Over 20 images with over 170 photoshop adjustment layers were separately retouched together into one final image. The end result is a creative advertising image that gives you a unique feeling of what Sjökrogen is.

Together with my creative team, I crafted an image that I believe has never been done before, well at least not in the restaurant business: an underwater restaurant with dining guests.






underwater-restaurant-bts-24 underwater-restaurant-bts-36 underwater-restaurant-bts-38 underwater-restaurant-bts-41