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Unedited Curious Thoughts – Photographs from My 19th Year on Earth

Unedited Curious Thoughts – Photographs from My 19th Year on Earth.

I had some curious thoughts. I stopped editing my photos, too. I wondered if the transition from smartphone camera to camera was necessary. There are apps that can enhance your phone camera quality right? I’ve been using one for years… So my photos here are unedited.

Anyway, I had some curious thoughts: to capture the curious, to own the bizarre, to protect the mysterious in everyday life. Maybe by doing so I can show that the physical world is interesting, and no-one needs to look to fiction for entertainment. I was naïve; it was and is impossible to show anyone my photos without showing them the door to my world. My world which to anyone can be just another fiction.

The curious thoughts I thought I thought were not all. At first I took minimalism as a way to find space within the excess. As my photos grow more and more focused on objects, I am forced to acknowledge myself as a consumer. A consumer who consumes unnecessary things… The sky’s not the limit! Wouldn’t it be cool to own the entire “blue part” of the sky? Thus, my works are documentations of my negotiation with objects and my desire for them.

Why did I want a camera? So the images are clearer. I didn’t need one; all I needed is my curiosity.


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