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Unreal Reality

Those pictures are 360° images made from 6 images, then stitched together to produce 360° panoramic images for virtual reality application.

I chosed to flaw them in order to transcend the documentary aspect and rather enter a new world, made of curves, swirls and oniric shapes tricking the spectator’s mind and creating an entirely new world where architectures become organic objects living by themselves far from the constraint of the gravity, I often think to Eischer when I do these pictures, he would have loved them for sure !Baptistère, BourbourgHall d'immeuble, ParisCathédrale Saint Martin d'YpresLa Duchesse Anne, Dunkerque Port de plaisance, Dunkerque Atelier d'artisite parisien Porte de Menin, Ypres Sous la halle aux draps, Ypres Sacré coeur , Paris Grand'place, Dunkerquehttps://www.facebook.com/3dghww1