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Once upon a ‪‎Nebulae: Space Venture By Chantal Menhem



Chantal Menhem was born in Beirut, Lebanon. A graphic designer and visual artist, Chantal’s paintings illustrate a knowledge and creativeness from the resources of the universe. Rather than reproducing space scenes on a canvas, she intends to convey an epitome, using a wide variation of media. Before one tries to make sense of her art work, one must sense the mystery. A single swing can be enough to distress the outwardly normal situation, collapsing and exposing our unconscious connection to the universe. After unveiling her cosmic collection in 2014 at Exode Gallery, she started participating in several art fairs, silent auctions and exhibitions in Lebanon, India and Italy. Chantal is a member and art gatherings’ co-organizer at Lebanese Talents. She is also a member of international artistic organizations, Art Colosseum, W1 Art London and Zervas Art, Greece.

Artist Statement

 I think Sufi whirling is a fitting description for my paintings. It’s a dance having, neither beginning nor end. My work is all about a flow, where colors meet shapes to sway and bounce in their very own celestial way. The colors glide sometimes with unforeseeable consequences and then the cosmic shapes appear embracing a potential sense of discovery. In all my paintings I tried to make an obvious link between the micro and macro cosm, where I could merge earth tone colors with cosmic shades of light. Painting the outer space made me realize how to bring out the best of dark! Even though life knocks us down a hundred times, it’s us who decide to get back up! That’s exactly the cosmos, a star can die but give life to a gazillion of colors and add rhythm to the darkest corners of our universe! In all my paintings I tried to create a concrete link between the micro and macro cosm, where I could merge earth tone colors with cosmic shades of light. What do I mean by saying the micro and macro cosm? Well, it all begun when I started reading books about the hermetic philosophy. Macrocosm and microcosm is an ancient Greek Neo-Platonic schema of visualizing the same patterns reproduced in all levels of the cosmos. The largest extent is the macrocosm related to the universe-level. While the smallest scale is the microcosm related to a sub-sub-atomic or even metaphysical-level. In the system the midpoint is Man, who summarizes the cosmos. Thus, creating the link between the cosmic and metaphysical level, and trying to convey the theory to viewers is an exhilarating challenge for me.

Chantal Menhem

Cosmic Coals - 30x40cm - Chantal Menhem

Cosmic Coals – Acrylic On Canvas | 30×40″Smell-Of-Space-Painting-ChantalMenhem

Smell Of Space – Acrylic On Canvas| 40×70″

Version Of His Rib – Acrylic On Canvas| 40×50″

Wallowing in Tale-60x90cm-Chantal Menhem

Wallowing in Tale – Acrylic on Canvas | 60×90″

Sky Mate – Acrylic On Canvas | 20 x 40″

Fourth Density - 50x70cmVentures – Acrylic on Canvas | 70×120″Stardust Acrylic on Canvas -

Stardust – Acrylic on Canvas | 20×40″


Cluster Within – Acrylic On Canvas | 30 x 80″

Once upon a ‪‎Nebulae: is a space venture, where forever was only one second.