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Urban Mystification – Andrea Vannini

Andrea Vannini is an artist who created a new way of conceiving the urban setting, digitally enhancing photos, taken during simple daily walks.

Andrea’s artistic project is called “Urban Mystification”.
The word “mystification” really represents the deformation ofthe surrounding reality, to his advantage, a true exaltation of fabrication; and it’s here that the artist molds the land through his eyes: He deforms it, he moulds it and he gives it to the viewer in his own way, without ever justifying his interpretation.
With this work, the artist wants to highlight every single monument,street, alley, park or building, and make it important with his visual tricks and his colors.
Each day, while walking the streets, we dive into infinite spatial tools,without being aware we are already, completely, part of them; we graze them, we touch them, we look at them, but we never actually see them: the artist not only shows us such tools, which until then were ordinary and boring, but makes them “different” thanks tohis way of perceiving them.
The urban landscape is transformed into abig game, where you can apply your own rules, your obstacles, your inner world and eventually explode in a whirlwind of creative madness.
Strolling through the streets that are part of his daily life, the artist creates his own visual frames, assembles them and builds with them avery personal story; Andrew is a film director, who already has his props, but that does not have its own script; here is where the artist dreams, invents, designs and changes in its own way such landscape that was previously stripped of its fantastic identity.
Urban Mystification defines the hope to look at the world in a different way, or better yet in one’s own way, enhancing the “usual”and making it “special”; just like life, that’s given to usall equally, and only our own free will can make it unique, joyful and worthy of existence.
The world is robotized, moves quickly and loves itself by looking at its own reflection in the sky.


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