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Van Gogh Gets His Own Action Figure.

Van Gogh Gets His Own Action Figure .

Created by the art website Today Is Art Day . For the last 2 years, Today Is Art Day had a mission to make art and art history more fun and attractive to a wider audience. We have built an incredible community of more than 58,000 art enthusiasts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Van Gogh Gets His Own Action Figure



The level of engagement we experience with this community is unexpected, and unprecedented. 

We want to try something new, and offer our fans a new way to bring art into their daily life. With the Vincent Van Gogh action figure, we want to: 

  • Make art history more fun 
  • Develop a new kind of product for art history fans 
  • Pay tribute to one of the greatest painters of all time

Help us spread the love of Art (and Van Gogh) by supporting this campaign! 

The action figure is made of PVC and is 5 inches high. Both ears are removable (although Van Gogh cut his left ear). 

Hopefully, this figure would be the first in a series of many others featuring art history heroes. In our wildest dreams, these figures would be available in all the major museum shops across the globe! 

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