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Verginiya Yancheva – Photographer

My name is Verginiya Yancheva and I’m a fashion and advertising photographer based in Europe,

 but I travel on assignments all over the world. I was fascinated by the visual arts from a very young age and decided to dedicate myself to my biggest passion called Photography.

My work is not just showing the natural beauty, form, graphics and lines, my work is showing my inner world. It’s different, very colorful, but at the same time very classical and influenced by the Renaissance and the history of Art. Let’s just say my inner world is spanless, just as my work.

Model: Fani Haralambieva Visages model group
MUA: Марина Младенова

Photography by Verginiya Yancheva
Styling by Stanimira Stefanova
Model David

Hacid MAG
Photographer: Verginiya Yancheva
Stylist: @Ellena Kalpakchieva
MUA: Marina Mladenova / Make Up Artist
Model: @Nevena @ Ivet Fashion Model Agency

Photography by Verginiya Yancheva
Styling by Grozdan Mihailov
Hair by Ivan Valeriev
Make up by Marina Mladenova / Make Up Artist
Model Dobri Dobrev and Boryana Alia Models

Photography: Verginiya Yancheva
Stylist: Konstantin Stoynov
MUA: Marina Mladenova / Make Up Artist
Hair: Niki Tonev Hairstylist
Model: Michaela @ Ivet Fashion Model Agency


If you’d like to know more about me and my work, you can check out my web-site on:

Thank you for your time!

Verginiya Yancheva

Photographer: Verginiya Yancheva
Stylist: Stanimira Stefanova
MUA: Marina Mladenova
Hair: Niki Tonev
Model: Desi @ IvetFashion; Epifan & Vladi @ Visages MA
Set Designers: Lilyana Semkova & Simona Ilieva