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Veritable explosion of color by Stjepko Mamic


Capt. Stjepko Mamic, both a painter and sea captain was born in 1958 in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

His paintings are unique, bursting with colour  created with powerful strokes of  the palette knife, full of light and positive energy. He implements an array of media: oil, acrylic, combining them  with glowing effects and golden leaves. He has perfected the techniques of contemporary painting at the Academy D’Arte  Florence, Italy. Stjepko  is member of The Croatian Association Of Artists-Dubrovnik. He has exhibited extensively in individually and with groups around Europe. His works  are in the  holdings of numerous galleries and private collections worldwide.
Android fishes, paint for glass on linen canvas, size 100 x 100 cm

Android fishes – Blue, painted with the paint for glass on linen canvas, size 100 x 100 cm, year 2016 by artist Capt.Stjepko Mamic. Fishes in vortex, full of  movement and sparkling details gives more dynamic to the painting. Complex painting, the more you look the more details is visible.One of the paintings from serial Avatar, which will be show at my next exhibition at Rome , late this year. The fishes can be anything you like, there is no hidden message inside nor the artist want to tell you a story about our planet, life or death. My paintings are colorful , not boring and ambiental, that is all.

Veritable explosion of color. The underwater world is subjected to the investigation by the Master visual Stjepko Mamic. With great pictorial realism, the artist projects the bystander in a magical world. The color scheme becomes the essence of a painting he has in his dream home base. The paintings of Stjepko bring us into a new dream reality. A reality without the deception of the sign and its cognitive shortcuts; in a world dominated by the color lines and highly sought after. The landscapes of Stjepko are veritable havens visual. Through the refinement of the pictorial stroke, the Master, redefines the values to give the sign. A sign that has stopped wandering along a maze of what you do not know the exit, a sign that it is now in safe waters. Stjepko Mamic is a captain who leads his ship to explore new worlds. Worlds dominated by the beauty of the locations that he decides to share with the viewer.
By critic Salvatore Russo