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Veronica Winters – imaginative realist oil paintings


Painting is like poetry. It reveals something that is usually hidden, hidden within the depth of our souls. Some call it “secrets,” others label it “privacy.” Whatever that is, artists and writers have the guts to deliver it: some do it half-way, others all the way. As a result, artists often become vulnerable.

My work is not about photorealism or copying of reality, rather it’s about achieving realistic effects to believably convey emotions, ideas, and relationships between people.  My painting is infused with symbolism, which is sometimes unknown to myself until they day it’s complete. Asking the artist to explain his or her painting is like asking to deliver the “secret” that should be read by the viewer himself. It’s akin to asking writers to give out the book’s ending without trying to read it on your own. After all, painting is exciting while it remains unexplained. Because this type of art is not always decorative, it’s destined to become part of some museum collection or a private one. My art is beautiful and evocative of the feelings and experiences.

8x10" oil painting of a shell on aluminum panel

8×10″ oil painting of a brown shell on aluminum panel

24x36" oil painting on canvas, framed

Tenderness, 24×36″ oil painting on canvas, framed

Venetian Boy, original oil painting on panel. aluminum leaf, 8x10"

Venetian Boy, original oil painting on panel. aluminum leaf, 8×10″

Hidden III: Solace, 24x36" oil on canvas

Hidden III: Solace, 24×36″ oil on canvas

Serenity, 16x20" oil on canvas

Serenity, 16×20″ oil on canvas

Still life with a starfish, original oil painting on canvas, 16x20"

Still life with a starfish, original oil painting on canvas, 16×20″

Still life with peacock feathers, mask, and shells, 12x18" oil on panel

Still life with peacock feathers, mask, and shells, 12×18″ oil on panel

Keeper, 36x48" oil on canvas

Keeper, 36×48″ oil on canvas

Still life with corals, 24x36" oil on canvas

Still life with corals, 24×36″ oil on canvas



Why masks?

“Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.”

Oscar Wilde

Masks deconstruct a person. They make it easy to imagine oneself behind it. There is no association with a “particular” face and the story becomes significant. Any viewer can relate to such images, finding part of himself or herself in masked people.

Why carnival figures?

I love elaborate dress code with as many elements in it as possible. My affinity for baroque style is obvious in works filled with detail, elegance, and beauty.  Several years ago I made arrangements to go to Venice, Italy during the carnival month to take pictures of dressed up people, walking the streets of ancient town. The Venetian patterns, masks and gowns provide me with infinite inspiration.

What does it all mean?

My recent work expresses feelings of love, power, and solitude through symbolism of objects and colors. Often times, paintings are the hidden truth.

I hope that over time my drawings and paintings will continue to evolve and mature to the greatest extent possible both creatively and technically. I aspire to make beautiful, powerful art that is rooted in the classical tradition, yet contains a contemporary aesthetic. I hope to be able to look back at the many years I have spent learning and growing, and to state proudly “I am an artist whose work truly mattered.”

Still life with shells, approx 23x24", oil on canvas

Still life with shells, approx 23×24″, oil on canvas

Still life with a blue vase, oil on panel

Still life with a blue vase, oil on panel


“The challenge of raising a child or cooking a healthy pot of food for a family was almost never as hard as painting a human being or mixing the right hues, evoking my emotions and thoughts onto canvases. It’s not enough to paint stories realistically, which is a long learning curve on its own, more struggles come from keeping myself breathe while painting, because I can’t live without the sensation, the action of painting. Painters paint themselves through their models, symbols, and stories. I paint the stillness and the quietness, the inner life and emotions-the beauty of life, expressed through the figurative, objects, and landscape. Painting after painting, I’m aiming to become better at examining the powerful marriage of feelings and thoughts in a more coherent way.”
Love of art took her from the native land of Russia in the late 90s to Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and then Florida. She followed her inner passion through studies in Oklahoma State, Penn State and schools in New York. In her artistic lifetime, Veronica has demonstrated perseverance and commitment, investigating every new canvas with emotional wit, romancing with the abundance of novel images, roaming in her mind and heart.  She has created artwork for many prominent clients, who have collected her pieces over the years.
At first glance the artist might appear shy and reserved, but as you enter her studio, you encounter the vibrant space of the disciplined artist, working on her ideas from morning till late at night. Love for painting invigorates Winters’ life, like walks at the Florida’s beach, where the artist currently paints.

“I didn’t want to spend my life working a regular job, sobbing about the lost time I could have spent developing my craft. Today there is not enough time in a day to fulfill my drive to paint. No doubt I chose a hard path, but it develops and fulfills me as a person. My years have not vanished into the purposeless existence, rather they made me stronger and more focused in my goals as a female artist. With my painting I help people find a special place of beauty.”


Veronica looks forward to every new painting she would create for personal fulfillment and viewers’ enjoyment. “My affinity for baroque style (that can be described as “over the top”) and the Venetian art and architecture is obvious in works filled with detail, elegance, and beauty. My art follows the principle of elaborate refinement.” It is everything-the technique and design, the vision and color that makes a Veronica step off the wall space into the soul of a romantic and an intellectual alike. The artist says of her paintings: “it starts with an idea that develops as an emotional visual picture in my mind. I use my reference photos and studies, and I emphasize the visual drama by employing compositional design, the light, and the harmony of colors to achieve the ultimate balance. While the pursuit of perfection is infinite, the striving for excellence pushes my artistic limits to the max.”

Mirror, oil painting on gilded panel. 8x10" aluminum leaf

Mirror, oil painting on gilded panel. 8×10″ aluminum leaf

Lovers, 16x20 oil on panel

Lovers, 16×20 oil on panel

Hidden II, oil on canvas, approx 24x34"

Hidden II, oil on canvas, approx 24×34″

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