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The Vibrant work of Komal Madar

Komal Madar is a British born painter based in West London. In 2003 she completed her Art and Design foundation at Central Saint Martins and later her Post graduate Diploma in Fine Art at Byam Shaw College of Art.


Visually I want my work to be beautiful and the point of entry to be intriguing to evoke an emotion in people. I work intuitively because I believe that’s when I create my most exciting work. Having the element of surprise is what keeps my investigation of materials and processes evolving.

My primary work explores themes of Nature, Erotica and Indian influences. I paint mainly with acrylics and use a range of mixed media. I gather inspiration from my experiences, surroundings and dreams; I paint instinctively, evoking emotions through my work as I experiment with new and different styles and materials. This investigative method gives a personal exploratory energy to my paintings. The abstract forms allow the viewer a glimpse into my own subconscious as patterns from nature are depicted with vibrant passion, wrapping around the forms of figures twisted in pleasure.

My Indian heritage is another key influence to my work, seen visually in the use of materials such as Indian textiles, pigment powders and henna, and in the sprawling, intricate patterns, which add depth and texture to my canvases.Iris Blush Gold Sea Blush Flamingo Blush Poppy Power Rose Burst Hibiscus Burst Colour Drop Series