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Victor by Infantino

Weighing in at almost 2 1/2 tonnes, Made using Mild steel rods and sheets and after a whooping 41/2 months, ‘VICTOR’ is finally born.

This piece is dedicated to Friends, Family and the people that I’ve never come across…yet, that have been struggling with depression, anxiety and stress in their personal and professional lives.
Those that still manage to smile whilst silently fighting everyday in the hope of conquering it all.
‘Victor’ with his burnt skin all over his body symbolises the struggle endured whilst going through those hardships in life.
The Head together with the mane is intact and held up high in pride symbolising victory over all the suffering.

‘Victor’ will be up for dispaly at the Sunway Pyramid Mall, Malaysia


VICTOR^^^^Infantino Fernandes



Victor--Infantino fernandes


VICTOR=Infantino Fernandes

Victor--Infantino fernandes