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View from Illustrator

Tezi Gabunia was born in 1987 in Tbilisi, Georgia. He studied architecture at Georgian Technical University. After graduation, he opened his painting studio (2011) and produced over 100 paintings. Tezi Gabunia is a self-proclaimed artist-engineer. He calls his method Falsification, that is a reflection upon the basic feature of the contemporary world, the absolute virtualization. That also abolishes the artist as an original creator. The creation process is completely industrialized which makes massive production in a short time possible. Specifically, he realizes new production on the Internet in every two weeks. Technological process comprises of the selection of images, their digital processing and final transmediation. The end result is diversified series of paintings. In all of them, the virtual is brought back into the real.

In this project artist used Adobe Illustrator to proceed images. It’s another attempt to abolish author as an original creator, as a program has it automatic tools, the producer of final image’s visual view is a certain script not an artist. This supports industrialization of creative process and emphasizes Tezi Gabunia’s essential concept.



Ai_01 – 125×150 acrylic on canvas


Ai_02 – 150×115 acrylic on canvas


Ai_03 – 110×150 acrylic on canvas



Ai_04 – 85×150 acrylic on canvas






Ai_05 135×110 acrylic on canvas(private order)

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