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Vintage Surrealism – Digital Collage Art

Here’s a small collection of my recent vintage surrealism digital collage artwork. Again I’ve resurrected old black and white photographs from the dormant past and brought them back to life by supplementing them with vibrant colours, celestial themes and bizarrely juxtaposed imagery. 

In my work I like to imagine the past set in an almost dystopian and futuristic reality consisting of copious amounts of stars, cosmic rays, neighbouring planets and other surrealistic / cosmological themes. 

These images were created in Adobe Photoshop. You can find more of my digital collage artwork here: instagram.com/stoddartist 

The Hole WorldThe Hole World


Look A-HeadLook A-Head

Board The PlaneBoard The Plane

The Big BangThe Big Bang

Space CowboySpace Cowboy

Space & LaddersSpace & Ladders

Website: www.lukerobsonart.co.uk