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Vintage Surrealism

I’ve always enjoyed old-fashioned vintage photography, entirely because it’s so refreshing to see images of particular people, settings and situations that can no longer be seen today. For this reason I wanted to bring these photographs I’ve found from the dormant past back to life, add some colour and entirely transform them into my own trippy / retro-futuristic vision of the future. I find it so much more interesting to create a scene that’s complete surrealistic and as far away from reality as I can imagine, which would explain my constant need to supplement these images with copious amounts of stars, cosmic rays, space helmets and a healthy dose of bizarrely juxtaposed imagery.

Have Door, Will TravelHave Door, Will Travel

Space Hoppers
Space Hoppers

Ice Climbers
Ice Climbers

Apples & OrangesApples & Oranges


Sitting DucksSitting Ducks

Lady FractureLady Fracture


Shell Out
Shell Out

Fin AirUNICORN_WHALES_compressed

Rain & ShineRAIN_&_SHINE_Compressed

One Small StepOne Small Step

School TrippinSchool_Trip_Compressed

Luke Robson  www.lukerobsonart.co.uk