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The Visionary Art of Bonny Hut

“Bonny Hut’s art explores various aspects of the human paradigm, the essential reality and unreality of the stories of life, beauty and corruption.

Bonny was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, and grew up in Durban where she obtained a National Diploma in Fine art from the Durban University of Technology and a Cert 4 in Graphic Design from Durban Central Technical College.

She has lived Melbourne, Australia, since 2000 where she ran the Alchemy School of Art for 10 years and has taught over a thousand people to paint and draw. She still teaches art occasionally.

She was also the director at a gallery called the Esoteric Gallery for 5 years where she curated many art exhibitions and organised many collaborative art projects, events, conferences, workshops and community projects.

Bonny has had 12 solo exhibitions and 15 group exhibitions since 1996.

She also occasionally works on art related film and television projects. She has produced and edited a small scale TV series called “Inside Imaginary Realism” showcasing interviews with artists who live in Australia. She is also working on other collaborative film and television projects with VANA (Visionary Art Network Australia.) She founded VANA to help raise appreciation for the imaginary arts in “The Land Down Under” and to play a part in bringing more awareness of Australian imaginary art and artists overseas. It is still a work in progress.

In her spare time she likes to write poetry and do extensive research on human rights issues, ufology, quantum physics, various aspects of the system, and help out where she can, to make this world a better place, especially for those groups who are disadvantaged or being discriminated against.

Bonny likes to engage the viewer by leaving them with a clue to the infinite possibilities of thought and ideas found outside the box of our cultural narratives and programming.”

NEWS: Bonny has just released the second edition her my 80 page book of oil paintings and poetry which is available on Amazon in hard copy or kindle. It contains upgraded images and new art done since 2012.

She is also editing and producing the second series of a TV show about Visionary Art on a local Melbourne TV station (C31). First series can now be watched and or linked / embedded online at www.VisionaryArt.net.au