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Visions of an alternative Aotearoa

This series of work represents Jamie’s visions of an alternative Aotearoa (New Zealand). Where coral life forms become flowers and space vessels share the environment with our Aotearoa birds. Jamie see’s the characteristics of bird life in New Zealand as an analogous to the characteristics of the people in this country – often understated, but on closer inspection teeming with colour and with a unique voice.

Jamie utilises various techniques to create organic textures and layers of imagery that is similar to the Accidental Painting technique that was pioneered by Mexican artist David Alfaro Siqueiros. This technique utilises paint poured onto a wooden panel, allowing the colours to spread, coalesce, and infiltrate one another. Unlike Siqueiros Jamie also transfers images he has generated digitally building layers of texture and pattern which begin to imply form. These forms then inspire the direction of the finished work.

“I’m driven by a desire to communicate visually” says Jamie. “People often see themes of science fiction and imagine that my landscapes are straight from fantasy novels. I’m pretty happy with that. It’s not so far from my inspirations of beatific dream and visions of other lands.”




Tui with Pohutikawa in bloom Bee looking for a name Kea over orange White Heron in winter detail White Heron in winter Kereru over Lava (dont eat me) Tui over primordia detail Tui over primordia original