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Visual diary

Daydreaming in watercolor and ink.


Monday morning

That moment when you feel the sun burning your eyes and you can not tell anything apart, other than the light.
A Monday morning.

11th January 2016


Growing up




Growing up requires a lot of water.

3rd February 2016


The story of a Tuesday night

When you cook with to much love there is a slight possibility your stomach can’t handle it. Anyway, the morning after you’ll feel as easy as a balloon.

19th February 2016


One October evening

On an October evening you stumbled upon the unknown and your left leg turned into a rainbow, my dearest friend, Veronica.
That was the Universe’s way of letting you know you need to take a break from work every once in a while.

21st February 2016


There's something magical about the moon

I always thought that the moon was made out of tiny bright stars. In the mean time there’s this bear that got so comfy in it’s embrace.
There’s something magical about the moon.

26th February 2016