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Visual exploration of mind and body | Shaghayegh Shojaian

Visual exploration of mind and body | Shaghayegh Shojaian.

Her paintings are intensely personal, a visual exploration of her mind and body, and those of the people around her. Shaghayegh work draws on relationships between natural and man-made environments to explore ideas around identity, façade, theatre, utopia and the sublime. Through combining her own photographic documentation with found images, Shaghayegh creates work that balances the banal with the strange to offer the typical and easy slippages that occur in everyday fantasies. She uses saturated colors and shifting pictorial planes to subtly accent and obscure familiar, albeit strange, environments.

Art is a lifestyle to me, not just a job and creating, is the most enjoyable thing in the world, in my
opinion. My paintings are all conceptual and whenever people see my works, their mind get so involved
with their meanings and always ask many questions.

After some years, I entered art university to study painting. Simultaneously, I started working as a
graphic designer for some of the most famous companies and factories of Iran and also for the ministry
of agriculture. I did not like graphic designing, but I needed its money. Those years almost all the
graphic projects of that ministry were designed by me. For a girl about 22 it was a big responsibility to
manage all them. I worked a lot, morning till evening. But I lost my health and despite the great success I
had in that job, I quitted.

Getting better, I started to paint and from that time till now, many things happened, many challenges,
failures, successes, etc. I do not just paint; my paintings are all conceptual and the strong point about
them which is always attractive to people, is my mind and the way I think about the world. Most of the
time I am in my studio; painting, study, research, thinking and creating new and meaningful concept and
composition for my works. My paintings were exhibited and sold in London, Monaco, Los Angeles, Paris,
Toronto, Doha, Istanbul, Atene, Tehran, etc.

Nevertheless, I continue to create and my mind is always full of exciting and fresh new ideas.
And the best thing which I understood about life was that; all my successes just when are valuable that
they can make me a better person who makes a good and positive impact on the world.

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